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problems getting an errection

radical prostatectomy is an operation to remove the prostate gland for men with localized prostate cancer that's completely contained within the prostate gland the aim of a radicalprostatectomy

problems getting an errection, is to remove the prostate gland and all of the cancer contained within it a radical prostatectomy can be done inseveral different ways one of the ways to remove the prostategland is by an open prostatectomy which involveshaving

an incision across your tummy and thenremove the prostate gland there is another way of removing theprostate gland which involves keyhole surgery the keyhole surgery involvesfive small incisions in to the tummy where instruments are inserted and theprostate gland is removed that way this can be done by hand or using arobot after the operation your stay inhospital will be form one two days and you will bedischarged home with a catheter in place the catheter is a tube thats placed in through the tip of your penis

into your bladder and drains urine from yourbladder and you specialist team will give youinformation about when to come back and have this removed the operation itself carries risks andthere may be a problem with infection blood loss or even damage to surroundingorgans after the operation ther maybe sideeffects and the common side effects are leaking urine and problems gettingan erection leaking urine may consist of dribbling urine for some men and forother men

it may feel like they've got no controlover their bladder but they're are ways help treat and manage these side effects

problems getting an errection

for more information speak to one ofour specialist nurses on 0800 074 8383 or go to our website

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men vacuum

is jum, residents pontianak cracker maker based aloe vera located at budi utomo street, district north of pontianak, pontianak city jum effort and wife, sumiati have started from a hobby to make crackers thanks to their perseverance, now a successful attempt they are able to market aloe vera crackers until kemanca state

men vacuum, every day, jum crackers aloe vera can produce up to 20 kilograms assisted 19 employees when in the city, you're selling ketoko soevenir pontianak like the psp and the gajah mada area pontianak if outside the city of pontianak, we sell sintang region, putusibau up nangga pinoh

for overseas marketing, we are in malaysia, brunei, singapore to make crackers aloe vera, requiring multiple steps aloe vera should be peeled and washed clean, then boiled for two hours, then blend until smooth aloe vera has been refined, cooked again for one hour then mixed with spices, flavorings and egg

men vacuum

stir the mixture until all ingredients evenly mixed aloe vera has been mixed with spices, raised and poured into molds then mixed flour dough and steamed for three hours dough that is so then thinly sliced ​​and dried until dry and aloe vera crackers were ready to be fried

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male erection

hey guys, paul from ultimatefatburner here,and today i'm going to hit you up with 7 quick facts about the amino acid and nitric oxide supplement arginine. as usual, if you want to learn more or to reviewthe clinical references we've used to compile these facts, you can find the links in the descriptionunder this video. i'll be right back in about 10 seconds - don'tgo anywhere!

male erection, alright welcome back. let's get into our facts. number 1. arginine is a precursor to the gas nitricoxide. nitric oxide production causes vasodilation, or simply, it dilates the arteries and the blood vessels in the body. 2. the clinical data supporting arginine'seffects as a sports performance enhancing supplement is conflicting and contradictoryat this time.

3. the more you use arginine, the less effectiveit becomes. that's because regular usage ramps up the activity of an enzyme called arginasewhich breaks down arginine, thus leaving less of it available for no production. because ofthis, many supplements are now switching to using citrulline in their formulas, or a combinationof arginine and citrulline. 4. concentrated pre-workout supplements thatcontain arginine do not contain anywhere near an effect dose of the supplement.5. because of its ability to dilate blood vessels, arginine has been used to treat angina,hypertension, congestive heart failure and hyperlipidemia all with varying degrees ofsuccess. 6. on its own and in combination with yohimbineand pycnogenol, multi-gram doses of arginine

have been used to successfully treat certaintypes of erectile dysfuncton. 7. if you are taking any drugs to lower yourblood pressure (i.e., antihypertensive drugs) do not supplement with argininebefore speaking with your doctor, as it may cause an additive effect! so there you have it! 7 cool factsabout arginine. i hope you found that useful! if you did,i'd really appreciate it if you gave this

male erection

video a thumbs up, and you haven't alreadydone so, please do subscribe to this channel - it would really help me out. it's completelyfree and you'll be updated when we post new videos.

alright, thanks again for watching soon, andhopefully i'll see you real soon on another video!

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lack of errection

hi everyone! my name is sarah, and welcomeback to everyday consent. today we’re going to talk a bit about arousal,and we’re going to learn why it’s important to separate how aroused someone’s body mightlook, how aroused that person actually feels, and whether that person actually wants tohave sex. let’s start by thinking about some commonlyknown physical signs of arousal. you’re

lack of errection, probably familiar with some of the following:increased heart rate hardened nipplesheavy breathing erect penis or clitoristightened scrotum swollen labialubricated vagina

the messages that we often hear about thesesigns is that they are equivalent to arousal itself. in other words, that if someone hasan erect penis or a lubricated vagina, then they must be aroused, and we even sometimeshear that if they are aroused, then they must want to have sex. the reasoning behind this conflation is complex,but it is partly because so much of the language that we use around sex and desire is in theform of euphemism and metaphor. think about the saying, ‘is that a gun in your pocketor are you just happy to see me?’ the speaker is talking about an erect penis, but namingit as sexual excitement. romance novels do this a lot too, using phrases like ‘histhrobbing desire’ and ‘her yearning dampness’.

using these bodily changes to communicatearousal is so instinctual, that one of the most common ways to tell someone that you’returned on is to say ‘i’m so hard’ or ‘i’m so wet’. and because we talk aboutthese two things so interchangeably, it can be easy to assume that they are actually thesame thing. buuuut it’s not quite that simple. the bodyand the mind don’t always line up so easily. and if you think about it, you probably alreadyknow this. this tends to be most widely understood when it comes to penises and unexpected erections.if you have a penis, you’ve likely experienced this. even if you don’t have a penis, you’velikely heard stories about things like erections first thing in the morning, unexpected erectionsin class or in the grocery store, or even

erections caused by certain fabrics. theseare all pretty common examples of erections that are not at all linked to arousal. similarly, it’s also a common experiencefor a penis owner to be very aroused, but unable to achieve an erection. if this isa chronic problem it’s often related to erectile dysfunction, but a person can alsobe perfectly healthy and experience a lack of erection every once in a while. okay sarah, so we can have an erection whilenot aroused, and we can be aroused without an erection. but how often does that happen?and what does this mean for people without penises, what does it mean for people withvulvas? now that’s where things get interesting,

and where we turn to research for the answers. multiple studies have been conducted whichmeasure the genital response of subjects while watching short clips of different kinds ofpornography, and some of these studies also included clips of animals mating instead ofhumans, as well as clips with no sexual content at all. they did this by attaching a “strain gauge”to the penis and by measuring blood flow to the vulva, and having the participants separatelyrecord what they perceived to be their own level of arousal. what these studies havefound, is that there is quite often a difference between subjects’ genital response and theirreported level of arousal. this discrepancy

is called arousal non concordance. these studies also found that there are significantlydifferent patterns in male versus female respondents. annoyingly, i haven’t been able to findany information about the gender identities of participants or whether these studies includedany intersex individuals, so we simply don’t know how these trends play out in populationsother than cis women and cis men. but what these studies did find is that inbiosex males, genital response and reported arousal, though far from lining up perfectly,were correlated enough to be considered highly statistically significant. one source saysabout 50% of the time. in biosex females, however, they did not correlateenough to be considered statistically significant

at all. the physical response and reportedarousal matched as low as 10% of the time. what this means is that, as a group, cis mentend to have concordant arousal, where genital response can be considered predictive of subjectivearousal, whereas cis women, as a group, tend to have non concordant arousal. it’s importantto note that this is statistically speaking. any single individual could land anywhereon the concordance spectrum, but there is a striking difference between these two groups,and this difference has been replicated in multiple studies. so all of this is discussing the differencebetween genital response and arousal. it’s important to note that even actual arousalis also different from wanting to have sex.

thinking back to those people in the lab beingstudied, of the ones that did report that they felt aroused, it’s unlikely that allof them actually wanted to start having sex right there in the middle of the lab. andthis is true just generally. i’m not going to go into much detail today, but there areplenty of things that could lead a person who is aroused to not actually want to havesex, like being stressed out, or busy, or not wanting to cheat on their spouse, or anynumber of other conscious and unconscious reasons. so let’s go back to the issue i mentionedat the beginning of the video. the issue of assuming that, because someone’s genitalsare acting in a certain way, then that person

must want to have sex. not only does arousalnot necessarily mean that person wants to have sex, we also learned today that theirgenitals acting that way might not even indicate arousal. and the other way around too, thatthey might be aroused even if their genitals don’t act like we expect them to. so what does all this mean for us, my fellowconsent explorers? well mostly it’s just something to keep in mind. this reminds usto try not to make too many assumptions about what’s going on with our sexual partnersbased only on what we can see. we now know that especially if our partner has a vulva,their genital response or lack thereof might say something very different from what they’reactually feeling, and, even if they have a

penis, the state of that penis might stillnot actually tell us what’s going on. so all of that is to say, if we want to knowhow aroused our partner is, we should probably ask. your assignment this week is to reflect onhow this has related to your own experiences. have you ever guessed about how aroused apartner was based on what their genitals were doing? have you ever found out that your guesswas wrong? has anyone ever made assumptions about yourlevel of arousal based on your genitals that turned out to be incorrect?in any of these cases, what could you or someone

lack of errection

else have said to clear up these misconceptions?

as always, let me know any of your thoughtsdown in the comments or you can email me at happy consenting, folks, see you next week!

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impotence treatment

what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? erectile dysfunction (ed) is the inabilityto get or maintain an erection. there are many causes of erectile dysfunction,from physical issues to psychological conditions. psychological causes of erectile dysfunctioncan be varied and complex. sometimes, simple stress over work, school,money, or other unrelated issues can make

impotence treatment, it all but impossible for a man to get orsustain an erection. anxiety, too, can play a major part in ed,especially if the man involved is afraid of being seen as insufficient or a failure ifhe cannot sexually perform. physical causes of erectile dysfunction tendto be related to a breakdown in the nerves,

muscles, or veins that contribute to erectileability. nerve damage, such as that caused by injury,neurological diseases, or even diabetes is believed to be a major contributing causeto instances of ed. men with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and other conditions that affect the behavior and function of blood vessels may also bemore likely to experience ed on a regular basis. kidney disease is also linked to the occurrenceof ed. ed is often associated with prostate cancer,largely because surgery and treatments meant to cure this type of cancer can impede erectilefunction.

drugs that alter hormones, as well as manytypes of prescription medication, may also cause ed. some lifestyle factors are believed to contributeto the occurrence of ed. heavy use of drugs or alcohol may inhibiterections in acute situations, but chronic drug, alcohol, and tobacco use may also dopermanent damage. hardening of the arteries is particularlyrelated to tobacco addiction and is known to be a contributing cause of erectile problems. most experts agree that occasional inabilityto get a sustained erection is quite common even among healthy men.

stress, overexertion, or even a simple commoncold may be enough to slow normal function

impotence treatment

down. there are many possible treatment for erectiledysfunction, some of which can provide total relief from the condition. download free report "all about erectile dysfunction"

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erection dysfunction

natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016 natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016 men can judge themselves pretty harshly when it comes to their performance in between the sheets. the unsettling fear of not being able to rise to the occasion becomes a recurring nightmare for men that is often equated with failure, loss of dignity, and masculinity. if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ed), don’t be so hard on yourself, since impotence can almost always be improved with treatment, without having to rely on viagra or other medications. whether you suffer from ed, or hope to prevent the condition, here are six tips to overcome impotence without the side effects of the little blue pill. natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016 commonly called male impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain penile erections sufficient for intercourse. erectile dysfunction often has a psychological component, and counseling with a psychotherapist or sex therapist often resolves the problem. ed can also be a symptom of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, both of which can impair blood supply to the penis. in addition, many medications, including those prescribed for high blood pressure and mental health conditions, can interfere with sexual functioning. tobacco, cocaine, stimulants and alcohol may also play a role. natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016 one study found that persistent alcohol use induced ed as well. seventy-two percent of men diagnosed with alcohol dependence syndrome were diagnosed with sexual dysfunction. this includes premature ejaculation and ed. natural male erectile dysfunction cure 2016

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erectile disfuntion

Hello doctor how are you? I am very worried why? What happened ? I'm having trouble with my sex life

Erectile disfuntion, I can not erection my wife is also not satisfied I do not know what to do mr. Rohit that can not erect is called erectile dysfunction, while the rapid exit is called the premature ejaculation that can be overcome with hajar jahanam cair.

means impotence it is common it is important to know why it is happening in your case i don't know i know ...we will find out tell me about her medical history any disease or any accident i am not sure i didn't ever need to go to the doctor

no problem i will explain you about erectile dysfunction ok erection process in portio is very anfractuous in which brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, blood veins are involved if there is problem in any of these factors then you may get erectile dysfunction if you take more stress and tension then it makes the disease more severe mostly erectile dysfunction causes due to heart disease obstruction in arteries, high b.p

high cholesterol, diabetes and hormonal imbalance it is also possible due to injury of spinal cord obesity, lack of sleep, smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol and also due to sti if you have any of these diseases then you can get erectile dysfunction oh i see doctor i have diabetes i came to know it last year

but i have not taken it seriously that is the mistake do you know diabetes patient has 2 to 3 times more chances of getting erectile dysfunction not only diabetes patients gets erectile dysfucntion before 10 -15 years now you have understood that ignoring diabetes is very risky yes i was not knowing this things can it be cured ?

yes sure erectile dysfunction is not incurable after finding out the right reason treatment can be started a man of any age can be cured by giving proper treatment the problems in blood circulation can be find out after having physical test after that genitals checking is to be done after genital checking reports where there is erection problem can be find out some lab tests are to be done so that blood sugar, cholesterol, b.p levels can be find out

and testosterone level is also to be find out so that we can find the hormonal imbalance after all this medical reports the doctor will properly come to know how to start the treatment i will do the full checkup what else i have to do its upto to you to control some things like if you keep blood sugar level in control then your problem will be reduced upto some extent

along with this you have to bring some changes in your life style pay attention to diet stay away from cigarette and alcohol exercise regularly which will maintain your weight and blood circulation eat good food don't eat spicy, fried, fatty food take nutritious diet most important is to share the problem with your partner

because your partner's support is very necessary i have understood i will do the checkup

erectile disfuntion
and will keep the precautions in mind good any more doubts no doctor thank you welcome

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erectial disfunction

impotence erectile dysfunction because you getthe blood there to to achieve an erection and maintain an erection and sothat's an important and useful piece of information for my patients that come inand tell me you know when i use viagra can have an erection but you know ican't do without it that's important to me that tells me that we need to work oncirculation and i'm also concerned about

erectial disfunction, blood sugar 15 percent of people witherectile dysfunction have undiagnosed diabetes so that's incredibly importantthat's a very strong message to your body that we want to interpret andreally work on that diabetes that blood sugar issue because if you have abnormalblood sugar swings that can affect your

mood which can affect your ability toperform it can also affect your circulation oftentimes i refer todiabetes as a disease of the cardiovascular system because it causesoxidative damage what that means is that when your blood sugar spikes high itdamages your cardiovascular system in circulation becomes more difficult andyou can also develop atherosclerosis which is the building up of blacks arethe hardening of the arteries and so that's an incredibly importantunderlying cause and while some men may not want to live if they're unable tohave an erection to me as a physician the most important thing even moreimportant than having an erection is

gonna be i wanna have you live in 2009and have to your hundred and have a long healthy fulfilling life three bloodsugar disease free of cardiovascular disease and probably being that hornyold man at ninety that can still perform right that's that's what that's whatmost men i think one and so this is what i'm gonna help you with today so oneimportant thing to do if you're starting to have erectile dysfunction is the payattention did it start suddenly or has it been something that's been graduallycoming on if it's a sudden change important things to ask yourself are yousomething changing your life is there an emotional component because while mostmen may not want to admit it there's a

very emotional part to having anerection and if you're under severe stress youjust lost her job if you're in an unhappy relationship then you may not beable to maintain or achieve an erection in that situation and one way that youcan differentiate that is when you wake up in the morning do you have anerection because that's a physiologic process that often happens with men andso if you're able to wake up in the morning with an erection but unable toperform later with your partner or if you're able to have an erection inmasturbation but not have an erection with your partner that tells me thatthere's something going on in terms of

stress but also maybe stress hormonesthere could be a physiologic component to it but we'll take a different courseof treatment and ways of approaching that then i would for someone who has acirculatory issue or maybe prostate tissue other concerns like that where itwould be a different treatment groups so if you have a sudden onset and nothingchanged your feeling great and your relationship or just whatever whoeveryour sexual partner is you have to have a relationship right but if that hasn'tchanged stresses ok nothing suddenly hashappened then it is important to go see your physician to get a full check now idon't want to scare you but a sudden

onset of inability to have an erectionwe're concerned about nerve issues nerve damage concerned about possible cancer is asmall incidents but as a doctor i always think worse case scenario and i want torule out those big bad things before i feel really comfortable treating onherbal level right and so sudden onset of erectile dysfunction pay attention istheir situation will change if not you go in and see your physician and getsome moderate than to rule out some of these big bad causes as well as some ofthe other causes could be kidney issues which is also an issue with circulationit could be fire road issues people with

thyroid disease slow fire aid that cancause erectile dysfunction and as i said blood sugar issues will all these cancontribute to that and so now let's focus on one of the most common causesof erectile dysfunction is gonna be people so it's been comingon gradually over time definition of erectile dysfunction is atleast 25% of the time that you're trying to initiate sex either the inability toachieve interaction are you able to achieve interaction but unable tomaintain it and that doesn't count if you're drinking 25% of the time thatdoesn't count alcohol can impair one's ability to have an erection so thatwould be a whole nother issue to treat

but if it if it's not any sort of drugor alcohol use as twenty-five percent of time are unable to do that or more thanone dealing with an erectile dysfunction and so then the next step would befiguring out what the causes so unable to get an erection in the morning andunable to perform now i'm thinking more circulatory issues and so what we wantedto generally if you are a patient coming in to see me i'd want to do some bloodwork and i'd want to check things like your thyroid might want to check yourblood sugar and want to check your cholesterol and i'll talk to learn aboutcholesterol because it's not the big bad thing that everyone's telling you it iscluster also incredibly important and

it's actually a key part of thistreatment but i still wanna know where the levels are and part of that would beif you're grossly cholesterol deficient if you're honest statin drugs and yourcholesterol levels are abnormally low that can be a major issue in yourhormone production including your testosterone because cholesterol is aprecursor for all of your hormones at that base building block to make all ofit and so if you're low it can be an issue with depression it can be an issuewith hormones you might be experiencing fatigue for people that are admitted tothe hospital for depression if they see that the cholesterol levels areabnormally low then the sort of thing

under protocol is to screen them forsuicidal depression because it's recognized the mainstream medicine atlow cholesterol can have that much of an effect on the body as well as yourhormones people with low cholesterol often have fertility issues as well andso that's something that's going to be really important so i'll check yourblood sugar right i wanted blood cell count and just make sureyou're not an emic make sure that there's no infections going on prostatitis can be an infection that cancause problems there's a whole lot of things to look for and then what we wantto do is if we've gone through all of

that and let's say your blood sugaryou're fasting blood sugar is maybe in the nineties or higher that's a sign ofsome blood sugar dysregulation and so that means that we're going to startdoing some of the nutritional interventions both dietary so avoidingrefined carbohydrates so things like breads and pastas also sugars obviouslyno white sugar staying away from the cookies all of those things can be areally important step and for some men it may be a choice of do i want to havemy cookie use cookies you know but that it really can be bad do you want to livewith diabetes and erectile dysfunction or do you want to be healthy energeticand sexually vital so that that's an

important reason for some people that'sthe thing that makes them change their lives so many continuing with this sortof work up that i do with patients the next thing that we do is making somebasic dietary changes and then also if there's a situation issuer and thinkingthere's chronic stress there in their fifties they've been working i'm worriedabout their stress hormones and maybe their testosterone level sometimes willtest for testosterone somebody can just tell someone comes in and they'rereporting a lot of symptoms of low testosterone and in general low andregions which are some of your sex hormones a group of hormones the numberone thing that you can do and i tend to

have people i create a treatment planthat says here's the low-hanging fruit is the obvious one that is going to makea difference for most people then ok well let's we've tried that we've gotthat foundation on board here at step 2 345 of what else we can do that's goingto continue to refine it down and create a customized treatment plan for you andyour specific message that your body is trying to tell you number one thing isstarting with supporting healthy cholesterol so i want you to start witheating 12 eggs that might seem like a lot herethe couple reasons why that's going to be helpful but 12 eggs a day and ideallyi want you to space it out throughout

the day because it's gonna hit a coupledifferent targets for you one i want them to be runny eggs or eggthat's because it's going to be more bioavailable in terms of getting thatpromotional precursor that's in those egg yolks and it's full of nutrients ifyou get a good organic free-range egg or if your neighbor down this street haschicken they always have a sign up for sale get those eggs is going to be a nicebright orange color the yolk is gonna stand up when you crack it you don'twant to get that you can buy the grocery store shelves really thin and light paleyellow color is that some guys have all

the nutrients that you need and it mightbe actually pro-inflammatory you want an anti-inflammatory support for healthycholesterol healthy fats in your body to be a good healthy 812 of those a day nowpart of it that's going to do is going to be supporting the hormonal supportand not for most people is gonna make a huge difference the other part of thatis going to be hearing 12 exit day that's a lot of food into your body andthat's an excellent source of protein so it's going to be replacing we're gonnabe taking away some of those sugars some of those refined carbohydrates that areprobably part of your diet and very hard if you've been eating the standardamerican diet if you were raised on you

know pancakes for breakfast peanutbutter and jelly for lunch and then pasta for dinner at a lot of impotencecarbohydrates and carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body most people maythink i don't understand why blood sugar issues i don't need any sweet stuff outeven like that but they're eating chips and bread and pasta in all these thingsthat just turns in the sugar in your body so it's gonna be helping withmaintaining a level blood sugar by getting small protein snacks throughoutthe day and it's also be giving them hormonal support so that's the numberone tip that i can give you in terms of improving your erectile performance interms of being able to achieve and

maintain an erection so if that doesn'tmake a difference and we want to start thinking about other issues do you havethat i just have issues do you chronically suffer from diarrhea or constipation gas or bloatingand that is suggesting that your body isn't able to absorb the with a foodthat's coming into your body and so then we need to look at ok is there a food allergy is that aproblem we might want to look at an elimination diet or a lot of folks whomight just want to start with digestive enzymes so taking digestive enzymes withyour food especially if you've had your

gallbladder removed you need to betaking a digestive enzyme that has ox bile and it because your body is able toproduce the bile in the quantities that it did with a with a functionalgallbladder and so when you need the pile to break down fats and absorb fatemulsifier them is what we call it medical language and so what you wantedto make sure that you can't they just depends i'm so that you can absorb allthose nutrients there could be in the eggs and then the rest of your diet aswell as especially those healthy fats and cholesterol and you may see a lot ofother movement in your body what i expect to see and what i see what a lotof patience when we're working it

underlying cause is they lose weightthey feel more vital their energy is improved life is better and it's notjust because you're waking up in the morning ready to engage in some funactivities with your partner so that's it's a it's a complete life changed thenext thing that we want to work on is if it continues to be an issue excellent do it you looking to dosomething else or if you just want to do the full treatment plan all at once thenext things we want to do is focus on blood sugar regulation as well ascirculation and so in doing that will make sure that you have all of thevitamins and minerals that your body

needs for healthy circulation andhealthy cellular function and so what that means is oftentimes doing a goodfoundation all multivitamin and also increasing your calcium and magnesiumchromium vanadium all these things i is helpful because it is targeted towardsthe cardiovascular system so it's going to help with circulation if there's ablood sugar issue maybe adding in so some chromium some sweetie is theproduct that we do if you have diabetes or if you're close to diabetes doingboth of those things that's going to be a foundational part of the protocolmaking sure that your digestion is on board if you if you're having thosesymptoms of that just've issues

constipation diarrhea gas bloating thenadding in some digestive enzymes as well increased essential fatty acids i talkedabout the importance of facts healthy fats for hormonal production and also beanti-inflammatory inflammation can cause a lot of issues with circulation and sowe want to reduce inflammation as well now if you're a man and your son to getolder and having erectile dysfunction we also want to focus on the prostatemaking sure to make sure it's not an infection but if it's an infection ifit's been nine prostatitis adding in a prostate support something which has sawpalmetto and it at a very robust dosing when i treat people for prostatitis beeni'm prostatitis they normally will see

improvement within one month oftreatment and so that's going to improvement in terms of course if you'rein free force of urination stream frequency of urination and also willstart to see improvement in terms of the erectile dysfunction if that was playinga component because if you have prostatitis it can also cause erectionsto be painful and that's gonna be even if you're not aware of it a psychological deterrent for havingerections additionally you know the next layer of treatment for that will besupporting the hormone side of things so especially anyone living in westernsociety at some point almost all my

patients i see you have some level ofadrenal fatigue i can going you'll see more talks about that so when i go intoit too deeply essentially it's when your stress hormones have been stressed outfor too long and if you were to look at a chart showing how to make all of yourhormone production it starts off with cholesterol and sugar pregnenolone andthen goes down and shows all of your different hormones in your body makestestosterone estrogen dhea cortisol a whole bunch of different hormones in soall of these together if you've been using too much cortisol which is astressful then you're stealing all of the buildingblocks for that you have enough to make

testosterone and so do the hormonalsupport which is also going to help maybe some of the psychological factorsthat can be playing a role if you have too much stress if you're just feelingtoo tired to feel arousal to feel desire than treating the stress the adrenalfatigue can be a huge issue and men something to pay attention to for thisis my one thing about this for your wife especially if you've had childrenespecially if she works sometimes the psychological component can be becauseyou're being turned away enough times and no one likes rejection and so it'sbecause your wife is tired and has adrenal fatigue you might want to gentlytalk to her about supporting her energy

now i recommend starting thisconversation with baby look he seemed like you really tired and i really wannahelp don't even talk about this expert but most of my patients one of the sideeffects that they see side effects of my female patients of treating theiradrenal fatigue issues is increased libido increased desire and so if that'sa psychological component for you of knowing that when you make an attemptto engage in sexual activity with your partner and she turned you down she'sbecoming more of a life partner raising children perhaps building a homewhatever sort of partnership you have but not an object of sexual desireanymore and so you can change that by

helping support her and then the wholemessages that she's getting for her body so in terms of also supporting her moralsupport besides the adrenal and of things which oftentimes all tree eitherwith herbs either the hype of pituitary hypothalamic formula as well as the malehormonal support formula which actually for erectile dysfunction would probablybe the place to start and less high stresses and issue the male hormonesupport formula would be an excellent one for that in terms of the protocolthat we've been talking about so number one to start with the ex easy to do can improve a lot of things for younumber to making sure that that question

is on track they are having digestive issues thatyour body's not giving you a message saying hey something's going on downhere is what we're trying to do is underlying cause i'm not trying to maskthe symptoms which was what would happen if you are using a prescription drug youmight have an erectile dysfunction because you have undiagnosed diabetes inyour body's trying to tell you hate this is going on let's work on it and try andimprove it but if you mask by taking a drug than your body's gonna have tospeak louder to get your attention and then it might be that you become insulindependent diabetes that you go into a

diabetic crisis that you have kidneyfill all of these side effects of diabetes because you don't listen to thefirst message and so we don't want to suppress the symptoms we want to listento him and address the symptoms and so that's that's the foundation part ofthis so that justin and then making sure that you have all the nutritionalprecursors that your body needs so that healthy body brain and heart pack isgoing to be important for that as well as adding in some of the hormonalsupport on the next layer so that hgh use complex as well as an adrenalsupport something like the good herbs male hormone supporting sure and thenmaking sure that there's the

psychological issues as well are dressedat home making sure that the settings right right so making sure that youryour partner is well supported that any other outside stressors that might beaffecting you are are recognized and addressed and thatwere able to support you in not only having a healthy sex life but enjoyingfully all of your life would be amazing if you could listen to your body for onesymptom and improve and change your entire life and that's what we do withnaturopathic medicine so if you want to start this protocol if you want tochange not only your sex life but your entire life then go to take yoursupplements dot com now and one of our

representatives are going to help youget started they're going to give you a call backand help you create a personalized plan for you based off of the things thatwe've talked about today i'm dr. megan

erectial disfunction

saunders and i'm so excited to beworking with you to change your life and improve your health hi i'm not to make insiders and i'm heretoday to talk to you about erectile dysfunction impotence now

Rabu, 26 April 2017

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sexual health under burgess diabetes is a chronic disease diabetes happens when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin in the body it also affects these sexual functions in the body

best ed medicine, diabetes affects the nerves called neuropathy it f it's in poor blood flow to the sexual organs therefore resulting in erectile dysfunction and attempt

dysfunction is more common in diabetic people because poorly controlled diabetes can damage the wet circulation another system causing reduced blood flow and loss of sensation and sexual organs when the function of nerves and blood vessels are damaged the flow of vid to the penis is reduced therefore resulting in erectile dysfunction

diabetes can damage a the nerves blood vessels are both in women diabetes causes decrease the lubrication in vagina therefore causing discomfort during intercourse the first tip is to talk about it with your partners and healthcare provider there are a number of ways to cure erectile dysfunction this disease is totally reversible to

reduce sexual problems a diabetic patient should follow all these precautions you have to reduce your weight you have to keep your blood pressure levels in control you had to keep blood sugar levels in control you have to keep yourself active by doing exercises or any other physical activities you have to reduce your

mental stress you have to reduce alcohol intake you have to completely avoid smoking you have to develop awareness about diabetes you will get amazing

best ed medicine

results by changing your lifestyle thanks for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos you

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