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best ed medicine

sexual health under burgess diabetes is a chronic disease diabetes happens when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin in the body it also affects these sexual functions in the body

best ed medicine, diabetes affects the nerves called neuropathy it f it's in poor blood flow to the sexual organs therefore resulting in erectile dysfunction and attempt

dysfunction is more common in diabetic people because poorly controlled diabetes can damage the wet circulation another system causing reduced blood flow and loss of sensation and sexual organs when the function of nerves and blood vessels are damaged the flow of vid to the penis is reduced therefore resulting in erectile dysfunction

diabetes can damage a the nerves blood vessels are both in women diabetes causes decrease the lubrication in vagina therefore causing discomfort during intercourse the first tip is to talk about it with your partners and healthcare provider there are a number of ways to cure erectile dysfunction this disease is totally reversible to

reduce sexual problems a diabetic patient should follow all these precautions you have to reduce your weight you have to keep your blood pressure levels in control you had to keep blood sugar levels in control you have to keep yourself active by doing exercises or any other physical activities you have to reduce your

mental stress you have to reduce alcohol intake you have to completely avoid smoking you have to develop awareness about diabetes you will get amazing

best ed medicine

results by changing your lifestyle thanks for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos you

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