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erectile disfuntion

Hello doctor how are you? I am very worried why? What happened ? I'm having trouble with my sex life

Erectile disfuntion, I can not erection my wife is also not satisfied I do not know what to do mr. Rohit that can not erect is called erectile dysfunction, while the rapid exit is called the premature ejaculation that can be overcome with hajar jahanam cair.

means impotence it is common it is important to know why it is happening in your case i don't know i know ...we will find out tell me about her medical history any disease or any accident i am not sure i didn't ever need to go to the doctor

no problem i will explain you about erectile dysfunction ok erection process in portio is very anfractuous in which brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, blood veins are involved if there is problem in any of these factors then you may get erectile dysfunction if you take more stress and tension then it makes the disease more severe mostly erectile dysfunction causes due to heart disease obstruction in arteries, high b.p

high cholesterol, diabetes and hormonal imbalance it is also possible due to injury of spinal cord obesity, lack of sleep, smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol and also due to sti if you have any of these diseases then you can get erectile dysfunction oh i see doctor i have diabetes i came to know it last year

but i have not taken it seriously that is the mistake do you know diabetes patient has 2 to 3 times more chances of getting erectile dysfunction not only diabetes patients gets erectile dysfucntion before 10 -15 years now you have understood that ignoring diabetes is very risky yes i was not knowing this things can it be cured ?

yes sure erectile dysfunction is not incurable after finding out the right reason treatment can be started a man of any age can be cured by giving proper treatment the problems in blood circulation can be find out after having physical test after that genitals checking is to be done after genital checking reports where there is erection problem can be find out some lab tests are to be done so that blood sugar, cholesterol, b.p levels can be find out

and testosterone level is also to be find out so that we can find the hormonal imbalance after all this medical reports the doctor will properly come to know how to start the treatment i will do the full checkup what else i have to do its upto to you to control some things like if you keep blood sugar level in control then your problem will be reduced upto some extent

along with this you have to bring some changes in your life style pay attention to diet stay away from cigarette and alcohol exercise regularly which will maintain your weight and blood circulation eat good food don't eat spicy, fried, fatty food take nutritious diet most important is to share the problem with your partner

because your partner's support is very necessary i have understood i will do the checkup

erectile disfuntion
and will keep the precautions in mind good any more doubts no doctor thank you welcome

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