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hey guys, paul from ultimatefatburner here,and today i'm going to hit you up with 7 quick facts about the amino acid and nitric oxide supplement arginine. as usual, if you want to learn more or to reviewthe clinical references we've used to compile these facts, you can find the links in the descriptionunder this video. i'll be right back in about 10 seconds - don'tgo anywhere!

male erection, alright welcome back. let's get into our facts. number 1. arginine is a precursor to the gas nitricoxide. nitric oxide production causes vasodilation, or simply, it dilates the arteries and the blood vessels in the body. 2. the clinical data supporting arginine'seffects as a sports performance enhancing supplement is conflicting and contradictoryat this time.

3. the more you use arginine, the less effectiveit becomes. that's because regular usage ramps up the activity of an enzyme called arginasewhich breaks down arginine, thus leaving less of it available for no production. because ofthis, many supplements are now switching to using citrulline in their formulas, or a combinationof arginine and citrulline. 4. concentrated pre-workout supplements thatcontain arginine do not contain anywhere near an effect dose of the supplement.5. because of its ability to dilate blood vessels, arginine has been used to treat angina,hypertension, congestive heart failure and hyperlipidemia all with varying degrees ofsuccess. 6. on its own and in combination with yohimbineand pycnogenol, multi-gram doses of arginine

have been used to successfully treat certaintypes of erectile dysfuncton. 7. if you are taking any drugs to lower yourblood pressure (i.e., antihypertensive drugs) do not supplement with argininebefore speaking with your doctor, as it may cause an additive effect! so there you have it! 7 cool factsabout arginine. i hope you found that useful! if you did,i'd really appreciate it if you gave this

male erection

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alright, thanks again for watching soon, andhopefully i'll see you real soon on another video!

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