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problems getting an errection

radical prostatectomy is an operation to remove the prostate gland for men with localized prostate cancer that's completely contained within the prostate gland the aim of a radicalprostatectomy

problems getting an errection, is to remove the prostate gland and all of the cancer contained within it a radical prostatectomy can be done inseveral different ways one of the ways to remove the prostategland is by an open prostatectomy which involveshaving

an incision across your tummy and thenremove the prostate gland there is another way of removing theprostate gland which involves keyhole surgery the keyhole surgery involvesfive small incisions in to the tummy where instruments are inserted and theprostate gland is removed that way this can be done by hand or using arobot after the operation your stay inhospital will be form one two days and you will bedischarged home with a catheter in place the catheter is a tube thats placed in through the tip of your penis

into your bladder and drains urine from yourbladder and you specialist team will give youinformation about when to come back and have this removed the operation itself carries risks andthere may be a problem with infection blood loss or even damage to surroundingorgans after the operation ther maybe sideeffects and the common side effects are leaking urine and problems gettingan erection leaking urine may consist of dribbling urine for some men and forother men

it may feel like they've got no controlover their bladder but they're are ways help treat and manage these side effects

problems getting an errection

for more information speak to one ofour specialist nurses on 0800 074 8383 or go to our website

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men vacuum

is jum, residents pontianak cracker maker based aloe vera located at budi utomo street, district north of pontianak, pontianak city jum effort and wife, sumiati have started from a hobby to make crackers thanks to their perseverance, now a successful attempt they are able to market aloe vera crackers until kemanca state

men vacuum, every day, jum crackers aloe vera can produce up to 20 kilograms assisted 19 employees when in the city, you're selling ketoko soevenir pontianak like the psp and the gajah mada area pontianak if outside the city of pontianak, we sell sintang region, putusibau up nangga pinoh

for overseas marketing, we are in malaysia, brunei, singapore to make crackers aloe vera, requiring multiple steps aloe vera should be peeled and washed clean, then boiled for two hours, then blend until smooth aloe vera has been refined, cooked again for one hour then mixed with spices, flavorings and egg

men vacuum

stir the mixture until all ingredients evenly mixed aloe vera has been mixed with spices, raised and poured into molds then mixed flour dough and steamed for three hours dough that is so then thinly sliced ​​and dried until dry and aloe vera crackers were ready to be fried

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male erection

hey guys, paul from ultimatefatburner here,and today i'm going to hit you up with 7 quick facts about the amino acid and nitric oxide supplement arginine. as usual, if you want to learn more or to reviewthe clinical references we've used to compile these facts, you can find the links in the descriptionunder this video. i'll be right back in about 10 seconds - don'tgo anywhere!

male erection, alright welcome back. let's get into our facts. number 1. arginine is a precursor to the gas nitricoxide. nitric oxide production causes vasodilation, or simply, it dilates the arteries and the blood vessels in the body. 2. the clinical data supporting arginine'seffects as a sports performance enhancing supplement is conflicting and contradictoryat this time.

3. the more you use arginine, the less effectiveit becomes. that's because regular usage ramps up the activity of an enzyme called arginasewhich breaks down arginine, thus leaving less of it available for no production. because ofthis, many supplements are now switching to using citrulline in their formulas, or a combinationof arginine and citrulline. 4. concentrated pre-workout supplements thatcontain arginine do not contain anywhere near an effect dose of the supplement.5. because of its ability to dilate blood vessels, arginine has been used to treat angina,hypertension, congestive heart failure and hyperlipidemia all with varying degrees ofsuccess. 6. on its own and in combination with yohimbineand pycnogenol, multi-gram doses of arginine

have been used to successfully treat certaintypes of erectile dysfuncton. 7. if you are taking any drugs to lower yourblood pressure (i.e., antihypertensive drugs) do not supplement with argininebefore speaking with your doctor, as it may cause an additive effect! so there you have it! 7 cool factsabout arginine. i hope you found that useful! if you did,i'd really appreciate it if you gave this

male erection

video a thumbs up, and you haven't alreadydone so, please do subscribe to this channel - it would really help me out. it's completelyfree and you'll be updated when we post new videos.

alright, thanks again for watching soon, andhopefully i'll see you real soon on another video!

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lack of errection

hi everyone! my name is sarah, and welcomeback to everyday consent. today we’re going to talk a bit about arousal,and we’re going to learn why it’s important to separate how aroused someone’s body mightlook, how aroused that person actually feels, and whether that person actually wants tohave sex. let’s start by thinking about some commonlyknown physical signs of arousal. you’re

lack of errection, probably familiar with some of the following:increased heart rate hardened nipplesheavy breathing erect penis or clitoristightened scrotum swollen labialubricated vagina

the messages that we often hear about thesesigns is that they are equivalent to arousal itself. in other words, that if someone hasan erect penis or a lubricated vagina, then they must be aroused, and we even sometimeshear that if they are aroused, then they must want to have sex. the reasoning behind this conflation is complex,but it is partly because so much of the language that we use around sex and desire is in theform of euphemism and metaphor. think about the saying, ‘is that a gun in your pocketor are you just happy to see me?’ the speaker is talking about an erect penis, but namingit as sexual excitement. romance novels do this a lot too, using phrases like ‘histhrobbing desire’ and ‘her yearning dampness’.

using these bodily changes to communicatearousal is so instinctual, that one of the most common ways to tell someone that you’returned on is to say ‘i’m so hard’ or ‘i’m so wet’. and because we talk aboutthese two things so interchangeably, it can be easy to assume that they are actually thesame thing. buuuut it’s not quite that simple. the bodyand the mind don’t always line up so easily. and if you think about it, you probably alreadyknow this. this tends to be most widely understood when it comes to penises and unexpected erections.if you have a penis, you’ve likely experienced this. even if you don’t have a penis, you’velikely heard stories about things like erections first thing in the morning, unexpected erectionsin class or in the grocery store, or even

erections caused by certain fabrics. theseare all pretty common examples of erections that are not at all linked to arousal. similarly, it’s also a common experiencefor a penis owner to be very aroused, but unable to achieve an erection. if this isa chronic problem it’s often related to erectile dysfunction, but a person can alsobe perfectly healthy and experience a lack of erection every once in a while. okay sarah, so we can have an erection whilenot aroused, and we can be aroused without an erection. but how often does that happen?and what does this mean for people without penises, what does it mean for people withvulvas? now that’s where things get interesting,

and where we turn to research for the answers. multiple studies have been conducted whichmeasure the genital response of subjects while watching short clips of different kinds ofpornography, and some of these studies also included clips of animals mating instead ofhumans, as well as clips with no sexual content at all. they did this by attaching a “strain gauge”to the penis and by measuring blood flow to the vulva, and having the participants separatelyrecord what they perceived to be their own level of arousal. what these studies havefound, is that there is quite often a difference between subjects’ genital response and theirreported level of arousal. this discrepancy

is called arousal non concordance. these studies also found that there are significantlydifferent patterns in male versus female respondents. annoyingly, i haven’t been able to findany information about the gender identities of participants or whether these studies includedany intersex individuals, so we simply don’t know how these trends play out in populationsother than cis women and cis men. but what these studies did find is that inbiosex males, genital response and reported arousal, though far from lining up perfectly,were correlated enough to be considered highly statistically significant. one source saysabout 50% of the time. in biosex females, however, they did not correlateenough to be considered statistically significant

at all. the physical response and reportedarousal matched as low as 10% of the time. what this means is that, as a group, cis mentend to have concordant arousal, where genital response can be considered predictive of subjectivearousal, whereas cis women, as a group, tend to have non concordant arousal. it’s importantto note that this is statistically speaking. any single individual could land anywhereon the concordance spectrum, but there is a striking difference between these two groups,and this difference has been replicated in multiple studies. so all of this is discussing the differencebetween genital response and arousal. it’s important to note that even actual arousalis also different from wanting to have sex.

thinking back to those people in the lab beingstudied, of the ones that did report that they felt aroused, it’s unlikely that allof them actually wanted to start having sex right there in the middle of the lab. andthis is true just generally. i’m not going to go into much detail today, but there areplenty of things that could lead a person who is aroused to not actually want to havesex, like being stressed out, or busy, or not wanting to cheat on their spouse, or anynumber of other conscious and unconscious reasons. so let’s go back to the issue i mentionedat the beginning of the video. the issue of assuming that, because someone’s genitalsare acting in a certain way, then that person

must want to have sex. not only does arousalnot necessarily mean that person wants to have sex, we also learned today that theirgenitals acting that way might not even indicate arousal. and the other way around too, thatthey might be aroused even if their genitals don’t act like we expect them to. so what does all this mean for us, my fellowconsent explorers? well mostly it’s just something to keep in mind. this reminds usto try not to make too many assumptions about what’s going on with our sexual partnersbased only on what we can see. we now know that especially if our partner has a vulva,their genital response or lack thereof might say something very different from what they’reactually feeling, and, even if they have a

penis, the state of that penis might stillnot actually tell us what’s going on. so all of that is to say, if we want to knowhow aroused our partner is, we should probably ask. your assignment this week is to reflect onhow this has related to your own experiences. have you ever guessed about how aroused apartner was based on what their genitals were doing? have you ever found out that your guesswas wrong? has anyone ever made assumptions about yourlevel of arousal based on your genitals that turned out to be incorrect?in any of these cases, what could you or someone

lack of errection

else have said to clear up these misconceptions?

as always, let me know any of your thoughtsdown in the comments or you can email me at happy consenting, folks, see you next week!

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impotence treatment

what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? erectile dysfunction (ed) is the inabilityto get or maintain an erection. there are many causes of erectile dysfunction,from physical issues to psychological conditions. psychological causes of erectile dysfunctioncan be varied and complex. sometimes, simple stress over work, school,money, or other unrelated issues can make

impotence treatment, it all but impossible for a man to get orsustain an erection. anxiety, too, can play a major part in ed,especially if the man involved is afraid of being seen as insufficient or a failure ifhe cannot sexually perform. physical causes of erectile dysfunction tendto be related to a breakdown in the nerves,

muscles, or veins that contribute to erectileability. nerve damage, such as that caused by injury,neurological diseases, or even diabetes is believed to be a major contributing causeto instances of ed. men with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and other conditions that affect the behavior and function of blood vessels may also bemore likely to experience ed on a regular basis. kidney disease is also linked to the occurrenceof ed. ed is often associated with prostate cancer,largely because surgery and treatments meant to cure this type of cancer can impede erectilefunction.

drugs that alter hormones, as well as manytypes of prescription medication, may also cause ed. some lifestyle factors are believed to contributeto the occurrence of ed. heavy use of drugs or alcohol may inhibiterections in acute situations, but chronic drug, alcohol, and tobacco use may also dopermanent damage. hardening of the arteries is particularlyrelated to tobacco addiction and is known to be a contributing cause of erectile problems. most experts agree that occasional inabilityto get a sustained erection is quite common even among healthy men.

stress, overexertion, or even a simple commoncold may be enough to slow normal function

impotence treatment

down. there are many possible treatment for erectiledysfunction, some of which can provide total relief from the condition. download free report "all about erectile dysfunction"

problems getting an errection

radical prostatectomy is an operation to remove the prostate gland for men with localized prostate cancer that's completely contained w...